Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery Photos and Movies

This photographs are freely available for interested patients and general practitioners.

Warning: These photos are quite graphically explicit. They may disturb some viewers.


Endometriosis of Terminal Ileum-Lap Right Hemicolectomy

India ink (tattoo) marking of Sigmoid Carcinoma

Lap Anterior Resection-post op wounds

Lap R Hemi-inked pre-op

Lap Rectopexy Mobilisation

Lap Rectopexy Mobilisation

Lap Right Hemicolectomy-post op wounds

Lap Total Colectomy-post op wounds

Laparoscopic High Anterior Resection for Diverticulitis

Laparoscopy Crohn's Disease

Operating Theatre Lap Right Hemicolectomy

Previous Diverticulitis

Rectopexy Suture

Rectosigmoid Carcinoma


Total Colectomy Specimen-opened

Total Colectomy Specimen


Left Ureter

L Ureter through the mesentry

Laparoscopic Anastamosis 1

Laparoscopic Anastamosis 2

Completed Anastamosis

Post Op Wounds Lap High Anterior Resection

Inked Sigmoid Colon

Deep Pouch of Douglas

Mobilised Rectum

Pexy Suture



Movie Dividing Ileocolic Blood Vessels

Movie dividing rectum

Movie Dividing rectum 2 + tumour

Movie High Anterior Anastamosis

Movie Mobilised Right Hemicolectomy

Duplex ureters

Air Test post Resection Rectopexy

Disecting the IMA

Low Pelvic Disection

Rectal Mobilisation

Transecting Rectum at AR

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